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Banking and Payments Jobs Index Vs. Other Sectors (Last 12 months)

Banking and Payments Sector Top Job Themes (Last 90 days)

Banking and Payments Jobs Index Top 50 Companies Vs. Remaining Sector (Last 12 months)

Hiring Intensity Top 15 Companies (Last 12 months)

Banking and Payments Sector Job Intensity Map (Last 12 months)

Source: GlobalData Job Analytics Database

Banking and Payments Sector Trending Keywords (Last 12 months)

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with the topic and arranged in the descending order of volume of
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FinTech/ Finance Expert

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FinTech/ Finance Expert

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#4 Jim Marous @JimMarous

Media and Publishing

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FinTech/ Finance Expert

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Blockchain Consultant

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Research and Consulting

#9 Simon Cocking @SimonCocking

Media and Publishing